Thank you for joining New Direction Ministries Church Pastor's 14th Anniversary. We are so grateful that you have taken this time to join us! We ask that you allow the Holy Spirit to have its way as we allow God to shift the house! 

Below you will see the outline of tonight's service! 


Service Outline

Master of Ceremony: Elder Jermane Milton

Opening Prayer:

Lakeshia Drummer

Old Testament:

Elijah Whittaker

New Testament:

Deacon Quintin Jones

Procession of Honorees: Deacon Mark and Sis Quintanett Johnson


Lakeisha Drummer

Praise and Worship:

New D Praise Team

Expressions of Appreciation:

New D Leaders, Guest Clergy)limit 2 mins please

Musical Selection:

New D Praise Team

The Word of God:

Pastor Eric Pope

Appreciation Offering: Deacons in Charge

Special Presentations:

New D Divisions and Guest Pastor & Wife


Pastor & Leading Lady



Prayer: Supt. Jeremiah Jones

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